Saturday, October 02, 2004

Ken Alexander Fires Himself

This, from Masthead magazine (September 30):

Churn continues at The Walrus

TORONTO—Walrus deputy editor Sarmishta Subramanian and senior editor Lisa Rundle will be leaving the general-interest monthly at week’s end. Only creative director Antonio De Luca and associate editor/head of research Joshua Knelman remain of the original editorial team assembled by founding editor David Berlin and publisher Ken Alexander

This, from a August 3, 1999, Salon interview with the front man of GBV:

Q: There was reportedly an article in The Onion a long time ago making light of your penchant for firing band members -- something along the lines of "Bob Pollard Fires Himself."

A: I've talked about that with the band before. Like, I'd fire myself and let them continue without me. That would be funny. You know how you see these bands like the Grass Roots come and play and there's only one guy left, like the drummer?

Now, back to the Masthead article about the Walrus churn:

"I was hardly blindsided by this," said Alexander of these most recent departures, indicating that he’s been asserting his vision for the magazine since taking over as de factor editor in June, making the magazine "edgier, more provocative, more about conversations that people are having, more topical." As for the ego clash between the pros and the rookie, Alexander said: "I think it also fair to say that there’s a view that the only person who can possibly direct or edit a magazine is a person who comes from the professional editorial core. I do not come from that core."

Finally, my response:

Kent: What do you say to the accusation that your group has been causing more crimes than it's been preventing?

Homer: [amused] Oh, Kent, I'd be lying if I said my men weren't committing crimes.

Kent: [pause] Well, touche