Monday, April 14, 2008

How About Deep Background?

This was a super-hilarious moment in a fantastic piece of journalism:

Tim — as in Russert, the inquisitive jackhammer host of “Meet the Press” — is a particular obsession of Matthews’s. Matthews craves Russert’s approval like that of an older brother. He is often solicitous. On the morning of the Cleveland debate, Matthews was standing in the lobby of the Ritz when Russert walked through, straight from a workout, wearing a sweat-drenched Buffalo Bills sweatshirt, long shorts and black rubber-soled shoes with tube socks. “Here he is; here he is, the man,” Matthews said to Russert, who smiled and chatted for a few minutes before returning to his room. (An MSNBC spokesman, Jeremy Gaines, tried, after the fact, to declare Russert’s outfit “off the record.”)


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thanks Joe!

Feedback from a Bigge Idea reader:

From: joe clark
Subject: Links on your blog
Date: April 3, 2008 3:05:00 PM EDT (CA)
To: ryan bigge

I know you aren't really a Web person, but you should learn that hyperlinks on Web pages are not and should never be given as (link).

Joe Clark |
Expect criticism if you top-post

Joe is quite right. BoingBoing, for example, one of the world's most popular blogs, doesn't use brackets around the word (link). I'll be sure to change that ASAP.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Richard Florida Is Two Cents Shy of 170K Per Year

The good Doctor Florida earns $169,999.98. About what I estimated before the figures were released. You can read all about it right here: (link).

Keep in mind that he earns additional monies on top of that from his books, his speaking fees, his column in the Globe and Mail, and other revenue streams I can only imagine. I'd estimate about $250K per year, if not much more. And it's not like he's grinding his fingers to the bone doing much actual teaching for that $170K.

I hope he's worth it, U of T. I certainly don't think so.

For a list of gurus, including Florida, see this (link).