Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Smart Ass Question About a Dumb Ass Song

This is from an interview in last week’s Onion (July 16, 2003 Volume 39 Issue 27) with Seattle rapper Anthony Ray, a.k.a. Sir Mix-A-Lot, conducted by Nathan Rabin. Further comment by moi would only serve to ruin the delicate magic contained herein:

O: You were one of the first popular entertainers to talk about asses in a sexual way, whereas that happens all the time now. Do you feel validated by the current focus on asses?

SM: Sometimes I feel validated, and sometimes I think, "Oh, shit, did I open Pandora's box?" I don't really try to take credit for it. I just think it's about time. I had somebody tell me today that J. Lo owes me royalties. I thought that was great, because I always thought that curvy women are beautiful. It's weird how America would say that these asses are terrible. Marilyn Monroe had one! She was considered America's darling, and she had one. It's kind of weird.