Tuesday, December 02, 2003

My Gourmet Potatoe Includes An "E" for Extravagant Stupidity

The lowly potato is going upscale. In last week’s Dominion supermarket flyer, an entire page was given over to their Fresh Obsessions "Potato Boutique." Dominion (one of the few supermarkets located in downtown Toronto, and the best place to people watch in Little Italy) now has a dedicated in-store kiosk with bins of loose potatoes for Baking, Boiling, Mashing or Roasting. Because until now, you were too much of a lout to determine what kind of potato best suited your cooking needs. You can read the text through the above jpeg link, which is so stupid it saves me time mocking it, but be sure to pay special attention to the following phrase:

Specially designed, opaque paper bags maintain potato freshness.

As opposed to the ubiquitous translucent paper bag?

I showed the ad to my friend Rob, who immediately mentioned a Kids in the Hall sketch that deftly mashed a very similar concept.