Thursday, February 12, 2004

We Were Rich Once / Before Your Head Exploded (Kim Deal) Vs. Standing in the Light / You’re so Congratulatory / So I Guess You Have the Right / to be so Masturbatory (Frank Black)

As you have probably heard, the greatest band in the history of the world has reformed, and will be touring Western Canada, beginning in April. I have seen the Pixies live once (the first night of what became their final two concerts of their first incantation at the Commodore, in Vancouver, after opening for U2 the night previous) and I must admit, they weren’t mind-blowing. That said, I am semi-seriously contemplating flying to Winnipeg on April 14 to see them live. All depends on what WestJet can do for me.

According to, they are also contemplating recording an album. To save you the trouble of wondering for unending months about whether or not a reunited Pixies will create great music, the answer is no. It will suck. Very much so. Yet I will still buy anything they press onto a CD.

My worst fear is that they write a terrible song that somehow becomes a huge hit, creating a pod of newbie Pixies fans who like the band for all the wrong reasons. Actually, given the fact that Frank Black basically stopped writing decent music after Teenager of the Year, the chances are better than average such a scenario might actually materialize.

I am listening to the Pixies best-of as I type this…