Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Seen Elsewhere

banalysis: (buh.NAL.uh.sys) noun. Analysis that is commonplace, trivial, or trite.

Those wishing to explore this idea further should read Adam Sternbergh's Attack of the Navel-Gazers in the current issue of Toro, where he argues -- quite correctly -- that the National Post is responsible for every fourth-rate newspaper monkey in Toronto with a keyboard getting their own "column." Ergo:

For every compelling column I encounter, there must be at least three windy dispatches on the confounding gap between the sexes (oh, that wife!) or the vexing dilemmas of middle age (oh, these love handles!). Jammed between these, you'll reliably find at least one breathlessly related red-alert on the hot, new trend that portends some seismic societal shift.