Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Lakeview From Here

I bike past the Lakeview Lunch a few times per week. I remember going there when I first moved to Toronto, and really liking it. Then, inevitably, it went downhill. (I saw inevitably, because this seems to be a trend in Toronto. Utopia being one of the rare exceptions to the rule.)

Anyway, when the Lakeview closed a few years ago, just when Ossington was starting to heat up, I figured a savvy entrepreneur would snap it up, remodel it a la Shanghai Cowgirl, and make a killing. Instead, whoever decided to restart the place didn't even bother to scrub the goddamn walls before flipping the closed sign back to open.

Predictably, the place shut down again. But in the last few weeks, someone nabbed it and is renovating like heck.

I write today because I saw an upholstery van unloading new padded booth seats in a tasteful brown colour. This suggests to me that the walls have also been cleaned. That would be great. I miss the Lakeview, and provided they upgrade the menu and decide to serve decent food, that place will become a license to print money.

And I will be glad to contribute to said fortune in the making.