Sunday, June 15, 2003


Received the usual dumptruck of SPAM this morning, with the following email sneaking past the filter:

From: "Kathleen Holstine"
Subject: RE: angela called..

Nothing unusual, right? But check out this batch of words included in the body of the email, right after the PGP signature:

loeb initialed syndicated remedial filament magnetism jewels freudianisms cheaply alternated rock ponds assembles plexiglas irregularly adduced static worshiper heaters rotary wallet inverts dive asynchronous hastened superhumanly prohibition equilibrium longest abandons autonavigator shafts trucker convoys adkins ballers interior reciprocating weathering congregated RzneXeovttrRzneXfsh.pnRzneX fatherly spitfire serviced laotians sparseness hammered wastefully enslaving sullenness tompkins

Obviously I have no idea what "RzneXeovttrRzneXfsh.pnRzneX" means, but overlook that non-word and you’re left with a strange kind of poetry, automatic writing produced by an automaton of some sort. I find this eminently preferable to the human variety.