Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Bad Segue Way

Toronto’s Old Spaghetti factory has an employee handing out flyers for their restaurant – on a Segway. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one live – I caught the two-wheeled action on Wednesday of last week. It seemed slightly less cool than I thought it would be, although Clive tearing a chunk from the gizmo helped remove some luster. As the employee slowly chugged along the sidewalk, I heard someone explain to a friend how the steering worked.

Now, here is the sentence where I should effortlessly move from observation A (Segway) to observation B (funny things about the Trailer Park Boys). But since there is no link between the two, this is instead a bad segueway. Although, now that I have pointed out my lack of a good segueway, there is at least a linkage between paragraph one and two. Without further ado, paragraph three . . .

I rented the first two seasons of the Trailer Park Boys on DVD recently, and while I have more extensive thoughts on how great DVDs are in general, that will have to wait because I’m busy with a pile of paying work. What I will detail are a few of Ricky’s malapropisms:

He worries about sasperilla (instead of salmonella) if his chicken fingers aren’t cooked properly. He says PFD instead of Ph.D. He talks about plutonium love, denial and error and warns that a situation is a real Catch-23. Finally, and this is more mispronunciation than malaprop, he mangles jalapeno into ga-la-pin-o. (This last one must really be heard to be fully appreciated).