Sunday, October 12, 2003

Listen to the Silence of the Radio Live Transmission

I wrote an article about Toronto’s Stupid School for CBC Radio Three back in May of this year. I was paid in late June, but I’m still awaiting publication. Given that my meandering observational piece is way too long for their website, I expect that if it does ever see the java light of day, it will be in a form much different than what I filed. Which means I don’t feel bad for the sneak preview. Besides, I don’t want it to get too stale, so I urge you to skim this over.

As for the ridiculous title for the blog entry, I finally saw 24 Hour Party People on Friday and have since embarked on what I expect to be a brief but intense obsessional appreciation of Joy Division, due in large part to the stellar acting of Sean Harris. The seemingly cold and clinical sound of their songs has been for me re-cast as both angry and vital, post-24HPP. In the parlance of Now People, "I finally get it."