Saturday, March 01, 2008

If The Devil is Six, Then Coupland is (Episode) Seven

During the final few minutes of episode seven of jPod, there he was, the man himself, dead in an elevator. The dead Coupland appeared in Cowboy's cough-syrup induced hallucination / dream sequence, a Twin Peaks moment for Cowboy and a Hitchcock moment for Coupland fans. He was not in the frame for very long, but I imagine that he might reappear in episode nine or ten, if the show decides to stay true to the novel. Wait and see, same autoexec.bat time, same autoexec.bat channel.

The episode itself was solid, albeit with a few minor bugs and glitches. But there was a hilarious, hilarious scene with Carol on a swing, pretending to sing the praises of an open relationship. There was also a well-above-average moment, earlier in the episode, with a cop investigating boss Steven's disappearance.

As for my jPod spec script, I'm starting on my treatment, which is basically the script without dialogue. (Although apparently a treatment could have some dialogue). I should have a rough draft of the actual script finished for end of March.

Stay tuned.