Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh Ibi

I've never met Ibi Kaslik, but based on her alt-weekly cover model career (see below), she strikes me as someone who poses first and thinks later. The Hour cover has her bra poking through (honestly, will that make anyone buy her book?), and her eye weekly cover is, at least to my eyes, less than thought through.

I realize that an author receiving this kind of publicity is a rare and beautiful thing, but I'm not entirely sure that either cover reinforces her stature as an author. I'm not trying to a be a fusty, musty old grump here. I just feel like Ibi could exploit herself in a slightly more interesting fashion. Unbuttoning your shirt and pretending to be a rock and roll rebel are tired cliches at the best of times. That these images have little to nothing to do with Ibi's abilities as an author is even worse.

I can't wait for 9th Wave Feminism to arrive and solve these and other problems.