Sunday, December 28, 2008

Year In Review Bonus Joke

I wrote this Year in Review piece for Sunday Star (Ideas section).

It could have easily been 3,000 words, not 1,800 or so, although to be honest I’m not sure it would have necessarily been any better at almost double the length.

Anyway, I had to cut a bunch of stuff from my rough draft, including this:

The profitibility of porn might decline in a recession, but it continued to penetrate mainstream culture. Actress Sasha Grey not only made it onto this year's Rolling Stone hotlist but was cast as the lead in The Girlfriend Experience, a new film by Steven Soderbergh. As well, Grey appeared on the April cover of Vice. This caused controversy (not because of her job title), but rather because of the glow-in-the-dark BMW ad superimposed on her. (Magazine covers are supposed to be ad-free). Of course, given her line of work, this was not the first time something repulsive found its way onto her chest.