Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zut!! Frites Alor!!

A moment of pity and compassion for poor Joanne Kates, who has suffered terribly from tuber-culosis, two weeks in a row. Who knew that being a restaurant critic could be so debilitating? I hope she’s able to overcome these two potato-related traumas and find a way, somehow, to continue eating $150 dinners for two.

Jan 10, 2009: “House frites are fab - sweet, crisp and fresh - but no mayo is proffered for dipping.”

Jan 3, 2009: “If so, the AGO had better hope for a lot of tourist trade. Perhaps they will not notice how dry and bland are the salt cod fritters, or that the frites with the mussels are overcooked and somewhat hard.”

(Both quotes from the respective Saturday Globe and Mails).