Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peter’s Rules

I’ve written for Peter Scowen, both when he was at the National Post (Toronto Section), and at the Star (Sunday Ideas). I like him very much. However, I suspect his heart and soul is not in this video.

I also find his enunciation and delivery uncomfortably close to Steve Brule, of Brule’s Rules fame.

I’m not picking on him. I have a point here. I don’t think it’s right to expect that writers and editors should also be good at video. I’m certainly not brilliant in front of a camera. Either give newspaper people the right training, or don’t bother with a video at all. This messy middle option is no good for anyone.

I hope the Globe’s new fancy online books section works out, although I can’t say the Globe’s website has ever appealed to me. Anyone remember the good old days when the Globe’s site would crash if you tried to load it on a Mac?


Excuse me while I reminisce about my iMac and 56K dial-up days.