Wednesday, March 07, 2012

When in doubt, quote yourself

In November of 1999, Mike Usinger, writing in Saturday Night ("Call him Nardwuar") noted that: 
“But what's really made Nardwuar infamous is that, like those who read America's leading white-trash tabloid, he has an enquiring mind and he wants to know. With his high-pitched voice -- which doesn't sound so much like nails on a chalkboard as a chalkboard being dragged though a nail factory -- he's become North America's pre-eminent guerrilla journalist...”

Almost 13 years later, Usinger was interviewed for a Feb 21, 2012 RRJ profile of Nardwuar by Sara Harowitz: 

As [Mike] Usinger says, “Most of us don’t have the balls to dress up in a plaid tam and speak in a voice that sounds like a nail factory being dragged across a chalkboard.”

Given that I can't remember what I ate for breakfast last week, Usinger clearly has an incredible memory.