Monday, March 19, 2012

Get PhysiDigital with me at NXNEi this June (and save!)

I'll be speaking at NXNEi this June (2012), giving a talk entitled Let's Get PhysiDigital: How to Convert Online Memories Into Offline Artifacts. To quote the write-up on the NXNEi site:
Now that social media has become a black box recorder for countless emotionally significant moments, artists and brands are searching for ways to turn our digital milestones into physical keepsakes. The results include a .poster of your Tumblr followers, a book filled with your favorite Tweets and a unique origami shape built around the content of your favourite text message. But what is driving this newfound interest in physicality? Is it a reaction against the ephemeral nature of digital communication or simply the result of the online world bleeding into the offline? Drawing on my experience as co-creator of txt2hold and tweet2hold, I will explore how fleeting digital communications like texts and tweets can be converted into permanent memory objects. While locating the sometimes fragile intersection between the online and offline world requires careful research, the creative opportunities are numerous for those willing to get PhysiDigital.
If you are looking for an incentive to attend, here is a discount code good for 10% off: NXNEiRocks

Don't say I never give you nothing. Visit for more info on the festival.