Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Fun With Amazon, Part Nine

Long story, replete with non-disclosure clause, but I suggested my girlfriend watch the SNL sketch where Chris Farley is competing against Patrick Swayze to become a Chippendale’s dancer for a project she’s working on. I did a search to see if that bit of comedic genius was available for purchase or rent and quickly discovered the Best-Of Farley DVD at Amazon. Now, check out this snarky little rabbit punch some clever user managed to insert on the purchase page:

Our Customers' Advice
See what customers recommend in addition to, or instead of, the product on this page.

* 1 person recommended
Trepanation: History, Discovery, Theory in addition to Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Farley

Love it, love it, love it. Farley fans are unlikely to get the joke, and those smart enough to chuckle appropriately will probably never, ever find their way to the page in question.

My fluke is your gain. Enjoy.

(The title of this posting refers to the fact that a number of pranksters & jammers have found methods of deploying minor acts of subversion using the Amazon interface, a few of which I detail in the following rambly article from a few years ago.)