Monday, August 25, 2003

Word of the Day

I did some research into the Toronto Police Department’s response to graffiti in the spring of this year. It turns out the cop shop has a Graffiti Eradication Program, replete with their own dedicated Officer (Heinz Kuck of 53 Division). Anyway, while poking around, I discovered the word Latrinalia:

WHEREAS: the Toronto Police Service has recognized the Toronto urban landscape as uniquely containing seven distinct styles of graffiti, Hate and bias crime, Gang graffiti, Hip Hop graffiti, Latrinalia, Folk Epigraphy, Political activism and cult graffiti, and that each is earmarked for removal, and its perpetrators prosecuted.

NOW, THEREFORE: I, Mayor Mel Lastman, on behalf of Toronto City Council and the 2.5 million people of our great City, do hereby proclaim May 2003 as "Graffiti Eradication Month" and encourage everyone to support the Toronto Police Service in this very worthwhile program in an effort to provide Toronto residents with a city that is recognized as the best and safest place to be.

Punch that word into google and you’re sent on a short but amusing journey.

And that’s it. No further commentary available from me today. It’s National find-your-own-searing-insight day. Good luck.