Monday, August 18, 2003

Headline Not Working Due to Word Omission

In a crisis such as the very recent blackout, it is important to act decisively and with dispatch. So I was glad to see my local TD Canada Trust, in Little Italy, had taped the following marker & paper poster to the door of their bank machine aquarium on Thursday:

ATM is not working due to failure

Had the employee wasted another second writing the word "power" we can only imagine the sort of terrible fate that might have befallen the bank branch. Plague of aphids? Pestilence? Looters?

Anyway, good work TDCT – glad to see my money is in the hands of those who don’t waste time in an emergency situation. Too bad that sort of efficiency can’t be channeled into daily bank operations, so that my service fees wouldn’t resemble some sort of accountancy horror movie.