Saturday, August 02, 2003

Wheels Within Wheels

Yesterday my blog was mention in Shinan Govani’s National Post gossip column.

The full text, in case the link doesn’t work (or dies, as is often the case with the new CanWest era, website engine) is provided here:

3. Philosopher-professor-polemicist Mark Kingwell is a good kisser, deems freelance writer Ryan Bigge in his Net blog, The pucker verdict was drawn last week at Parkdale's Cadillac Lounge, at a party marking the launch of This magazine's summer issue. Kingwell was the man at a kissing booth, and Bigge forked over his $2 chiefly, he says, so he would have "something to blog about today." For the record, he adds, "the kiss lasted a few seconds (three, tops) and was accompanied by a one-armed hug/draw-the-person-closer manoeuvre."

Thanks Shinan!