Thursday, August 14, 2003

Leggo My Lego

I have an essay about Lego in this insane-in-a-good-way art and graphic design anthology that recently was published called Design for Kids, produced by Victionary, a firm based in Hong Kong. The book is 2.5 inches thick, due in large part to the fact that it’s upholstered in half an inch of Nerf foam. That’s only the beginning. It also includes a CD-ROM and a toy gun inside the book, tucked into its own die-cut holster. According to their website:

DFK inspires to reach the kid with in us and to tap into the fun, silly and imaginative kid’s world presently suppressed by social norms and financial obligations. DFK opens the door and provides the red carpet for you to release your "kid-self" and to give you a chance to enter your very own kid's world. This is a comfortable and relaxing way to distant yourself from all stresses of society.

It was pure fluke I found my way into this crazy, foamy tome. Victor Cheung, the designer behind this project, emailed me about contributing back in July of last year, after reading some of my art and design articles online. Since the guy lives in Hong Kong I’m never going to meet him in person, and beyond his website, I know nothing about him. Yet I trusted him and sent off an essay in September last, and it actually got published. Surreal.

Anyway, to conclude where I began, on the topic of Lego, it was only two days ago that I learned of The Brick Testament. Scary and amazing.