Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Drake's Progress

This gem comes from "The Drake e_AKE," February Vol.010. It requires no further comment:

It's been kind of wild, hasn't it? It's been a year of, sigh, us laughing together at the bar, or watching crazy black and white films up on the roof sprawled on the mattresses under the sky, or being swept up in a performance as actors came dancing down the stairs, or just glimpsing musicians sitting chatting before their gigs. I guess no one can know me as intimately as you do - you've been inside every part of me. I have so much more I want to show you, so many more things i want to do with you .I want to watch you at the bar, sucking back Jack. I want to watch some poet breathing fire, some sweating guitarist tossing his mad hair, the way we've done all year. I probably didn't understand half the stuff we saw down there, the videos, the performances, the machines that talked and jerked, the musicians, the authors - you probably understood all of it, knowing you - Thanks for helping me be what I am.

XXX DRAKE (ps - thanks to russel smith for penning this piece).

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