Sunday, July 03, 2016

Fight your editorial urges, Jonathan Kay

Not everyone thinks Walrus editor-in-chief Jonathan Kay is good at opinions:

Even contributors to his magazine question his judgment:

Kay seems deaf to criticism, but maybe Canadian writers and critics have misread the situation. What if Kay isn’t a mansplaining egoist? What if he's actually a compulsive editorializer who can’t control his habit? If that's the case, we should try to help him with tips for triumphing over temptation:

Identify opinionated situations and avoid them. Consider skipping documentaries, newspapers and podcasts altogether.

Find other pleasurable activities. Search for a new hobby that demands your full attention. Enjoy art? Take a watercolour class!

Place a rubber band around your wrist. Every time you get the urge to write an editorial, flick the rubber band. You will eventually associate opinions with pain.

When you get the urge to share your thoughts, quickly engage in an alternative activity. Play a game of Tetris or a few rounds of Kubb – anything that distracts you from the urge to opine.

Avoid touching your keyboard. The more often you use your computer, the greater the chances that you’ll start editorializing.

Exercise on a regular basis. Editorializing can be the result of excessive stress or tension. Exercising regularly will help relieve this stress and tension.

Best of luck Jonathan Kay! Struggle is a normal part of the journey to recovery. Keep fighting and don’t give in.