Thursday, September 29, 2011

tweet2hold is brilliantly simplistic according to Metro

But perhaps the most brilliantly simplistic exhibit is their social media app, which takes the data from tweets sent to the project’s dedicated Twitter account, @tweet2hold, and converts them into physical objects, in this case origami birds.
 Ian Gormely of Metro provides us with some much appreciated print media coverage

Photo by Dylan Reibling

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

@tweet2hold seeks 2,525 secrets about the future for Nuit Blanche 2011

TORONTO, ON (September 22, 2011) – On October 1, tweet2hold (, will fill the Bata Shoe Museum with 2,525 paper birds containing secrets about the future. In order to share a secret, participants simply send @tweet2hold an @reply.

Created specifically for Nuit Blanche 2011 by Toronto media collective the Brototypes, tweet2hold is a site-specific version of txt2hold, a recent CFC Media Lab interactive art project. Both txt2hold (which debuted at Toronto’s mini-Maker Faire in May 2011) and tweet2hold involve turning a digital experience into a permanent physical object.

“We drew partial inspiration for tweet2hold from Marshall McLuhan, who loved to describe the future using pithy aphorisms,” explains tweet2hold spokesperson Ryan Bigge. “As for gathering 2,525 secrets about the future our inspiration is a little less highbrow,” Bigge admits. “It’s a reference to the one-hit wonder ‘In the Year 2525’ by Zager and Evans.”

Part of this year’s CFC Media Lab’s Nuit Blanche exhibit (entitled Technological Displacement), tweet2hold will flirt with notions of public and private by placing 2,525 secrets in plain sight inside a large tweetcage. Tweet2hold also will leverage the sophisticated analysis engine of in order to determine the emotional tone of each secret and assign it an appropriate colour palette.

“McLuhan said ‘We march backwards into the future.’ Given his interest in communication technologies I think he would have been fascinated by Twitter,” notes Bigge. “Or at the very least he would have something witty to say about it.”

To learn more visit:
Twitter: @tweet2hold
Ryan Bigge, tweet2hold spokesperson, rbigge [@] cfcmedialab [dot] com

Sunday, September 18, 2011

An animated gif for tweet2hold, my Nuit Blanche interactive art installation

When not working full-time, I've working on @tweet2hold, a new media project that I helped create as part of the CFC Media Lab's IAEP.

We're now into the marketing phase of the project, trying to get 2,525 secrets about the future before Saturday, October 1. As a bribe to convince you to submit a secret, I've included my very first animated gif:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smooth jazz cannot rescue bad website design

Tempted though you are, you stay focused and click for the San Francisco restaurant. One bit of advice: If you’ve got a subwoofer attached to your computer, now’s the time to crank it up, because you’re in for some auto-playing, royalty-free, ambient techno smooth jazz!
-- on the enigma of bad restaurant websites