Sunday, November 06, 2011

Keenan insight into Ford business card debacle

Rob Ford defined the standard by which use of expense accounts and sole-sourced contracts should be judged abusive or corrupt. He defined the principle by which $1,200 in spending should be considered an outrage. Then he spent $1,200 in taxpayer money he did not need to spend, and funnelled the money into his own company. Saying “whoops” and cutting a cheque now that the press has pointed it out cannot erase the misdeed. By the rules Ford defined, he ought to resign. And if he won’t judge himself by the standard he set, council ought to do it for him.
-- Edward Keenan calmly explains why Ford should be sent packing in The Grid

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Indie bookstore ponders the merits of social media

I subscribe to the newsletter for indie bookstore Of Swallows, their Deeds, and the Winter Below. (The descriptor "indie bookstore" is probably redundant for an establishment with a name like that). The November issue contains one of the better skeptical debates about social media I've seen in awhile:

1. Bust or facebook

Banker: "You suffer from a traffic problem."
Swallow: "Yes."
Banker: "Why not use social media?"
Sw.: "Would a priest visit an analyst?"
B: "The priest has no Landlord."

We now have a facebook. You can recommend our facebook. It might help others know: they could be traffic.