Thursday, July 24, 2014

Triple Play: Fall 2014 Toronto content strategy meetup schedule

I’m overjoyed to announce that I’ve found three four amazing guest speakers for the fall 2014 Toronto content strategy meetup:

On Thursday, September 18, Maggie Greyson unlocks interactive narrative and how it can help you develop new content ideas, collect customer data, engage untapped audiences and turn existing customers into fans or advocates.

On Thursday, October 16, Ann Rockley shows us how to plan and create adaptive content that automatically adjusts to different environments and device capabilities to deliver the best possible customer experience.

On Tuesday, November 4, Karen McGrane talks about the future of adaptive content.

And on Thursday, November 20, Marco Petkovski demonstrates how to use analytics to plan, create and track content. 
Erica Baum: Buzzard
Meetups are $8 each (except for McGrane), and guest speakers share their wisdom at 6:35pm precisely (except for McGrane - she starts at 7pm). Although I am obviously biased in this regard, I think all three four of these speakers are excellent, and I urge anyone interested in content strategy to attend.

In fact, you might want to treat these talks like a miniature certificate course in content strategy. For the cost of a nice dinner, you’ll learn how to best structure your online narratives, how to make sure the content in that narrative is viewable on all devices, and what tools you’ll need to track your content once it goes live.